Dear Friends,


      A lot has changed since last November… My wife and I had our first child, I graduated from business school at The University of Texas at Austin, and Representative Jessica Farrar has announced that she is retiring from public office after 25 years of service.

      While we disagreed on some of the issues and how to resolve our District’s key problems, I admire Jessica’s commitment to her community. Regardless of political affiliation, 25 years of service is a very long time to do anything and the decision to retire must have been very difficult. I wish Representative Farrar the very best, and I hope that she is able to enjoy life outside of public service and spend quality time with her family.


      As part of this communication, I am also writing to announce that I am once again running for State Representative of Texas House District 148 in November’s Special Election. The field is crowded with candidates coming out of the woodwork eager to capitalize on the vacancy left by Representative Farrar’s retirement, and to me that seems disingenuous. I also want to take this opportunity to remind the voters that I ran in 2018 to bring a fresh perspective on direction and leadership with our District’s best interests in mind. Life does not provide too many second chances and the time has come to elect a reasonable Representative that is dedicated to the wellbeing and historical traditions of our beloved community.

      Our Representative should be a serious candidate with business acumen, who is focused on the issues that matter like protecting our property rights from invasive corporate agendas, improving our education system and crumbling infrastructure, keeping our communities safe from human traffickers and violent criminals, and holding elected officials accountable to the tax payers.

      If elected, I promise to be that Representative. I am dedicated to bringing an entrepreneurial spirit of prosperity and growth to all communities within District 148 by encouraging innovation, real estate development, infrastructure improvement, and fiscal responsibility. Please support my movement to bring reasonableness and integrity to Austin. Together, we can take District 148's bright future from a possibility to a reality.


Ryan McConnico

Candidate for State Representative – Texas House District 148


I promise to be an advocate for ALL residents living within District 148. I will promote opportunity, fairness, and fiscal conservatism when voting on any State legislation. Strengthening our community and empowering our youth will be the principle objectives behind every decision and vote. Under my leadership, District 148 will stand for unity, prosperity, and strength.

- Ryan T. McConnico -